Machines and spare parts

Automatic Continuous Flow Dipping Machine with Tri-con

Automatic dipping machine Continuously Flow Dipping Machine is a very excellent system to make high daily quantity of 1600 fixture / 8 hours. By its perfect design of adjustable triangle transmission system, this unit is capable to work with various shape of decoration in different angle adjustment.

Auto Film Layer + Auto Spray System

The powerful combination of film laying & activator spraying system makes WTP process simple & stable; in addition, this convenient combination system can be applied on the original YHT standard dipping tanks, thus, increase the expansibility of the dipping system. Water Transfer Printing automated film laying and spraying system. This system can memorize multiple sets of different processes.

XY Auto-Spray System

Special design nozzle could apply activator evenly on the transfer film when dipping with minimum water fluctuation.  Cooperate with  YHT-221A2XY

5M Conveyor Type Water Washing Station (with heater)

With 360∘water washing by high performance nozzle surrounded, all of residue of films and activator will completely washed away with perfect decoration remained. High daily working output with conveyor speed adjustment and 100% water circulation are all very efficient for your production. Option: Without heater