NEW Inflection YH-C044D

* NEW Pattern * YH-C044D Width: 100cmProduct name: Inflection YHTCubic film /hydrographic film /water transfer printingfilmis carbon fiber pattern, very suitable for any car/ automotive , bike, or motorcycle, electric accessories decoration. this pattern has same pattern, but different color YH-C044A, or check with us for more different colors. Read more~

NEW Amazon Teak YH-W121B

* NEW Pattern * YH-W121B Width: 100cm Product name: Amazon Teak YHTCubic film /hydrographic film /water transfer printingfilm Amazon Teak pattern is much inquired by aviation, automotive~ You can also think about the furniture, or do you have any idea of surface decoration? Read more

NEW 3D-Blooming YH-W105E

* NEW Pattern * YH-W105E Width: 100cm Product name: 3D-Blooming

NEW Red Brown Stripe YH-612B

* NEW Pattern * YH-612B Width: 60cm Product name: Red Brown Stripes YHTCubic film /hydrographic film / water transfer printing film is the same pattern of YH-612, but new color This pattern is very suitable for furniture, aviation, automobile interior, and surface decoration that we did not expect. Please contact us ★ Press here for more information

NEW Light White Birdseye YH-W134A

* NEW Pattern * Believe you will like our new wood grain designs with variety of combinations. Product name: Light White Birdseye Pattern: YH-W134A Width: 100cm ★

HOT Classic Natural Varnished Oak YH-W094A

★HOT SALE★ With the advent of winter, wood grain can give people a warm feeling. Product name: Classic Natural Varnished Oak Pattern: YH-W094A Width: 100cm ★

HOT Curvy Wood YH-W078B ;YH-W078C

★HOT SALE★ Have you ever checked our YH-W078 series?? They are suitable for furniture and home appliance. If you are interested in them, please feel free to contact us. Product name: Curvy Wood Pattern: YH-W078B ;YH-W078C Width: 60cm ★cate-001.html?page=5

HOT YH-358 series

Life is not only black and white. Colorful life makes our days more attractive. ★index.php?kw=358&lang=en......

HOT Color Bean YH-061

★HOT SALE★ Popularity does not always be classic, classics is always popular. Product name: Black Marble Pattern:YH-061 Width: 60cm ★

YH-222Model Series OR YH-222A2Model Series

Dipping machine with production arm or without production arm? Large or Small? Which one is the suitable one to you? YHT can suggest the suitable machine to your requirement. ★Visit our website: machine.html ★Or contact us: