Water Transfer
Printing Process
Water transfer printing is also known as water dipping, liquid print, hydrographics, immersion printing, hydro imaging, or cubic printing which is a 3D decorating process. Graphics are applied to decorate a variety of items.
Display Result
By choosing a range of different base coat colors it will allow you to obtain the desired effect to suit your demand and requirement.

Water Transfer Printing Process

Water Transfer Printing process is a method used to apply graphics such as wood grain, stone or camouflage onto substrate. The standard process is very important especially for certificate of automotive, aviation and branded products. We provide complete know-how transfer and training for WTP process based on customer's facility and product application. The approval of products relys on YHT experience and standard process.
1. Spray Base Coat
2. Drying
3. Spray Activator
4. Dipping
5. Rinsing
6. Spray Top Coat
7. Drying
8. Final Product
Diverse Display Different base coats can be applied to change the final appearance of the part being processed. Part with same film pattern will display diverse and significant results depending on the base coated applied. The desired effect can be achieved by simply altering base coat and to make each part totally individual and unique.
Base Coats