About us

YHT is a manufacturer of printing high definition water transfer films since 1990. We have been supplying films to many famous brand companies all around the world, and these work experiences have made us an irreplaceable role in WTP business. Not only printing the films, but we also make relevant dipping and wash machines to supply a completed chain of product. The advantage for WTP (Water Transfer Printing) is the part takes on the color and design of the pattern through water pressure. With this manner, decoration is possible for many sizes, shapes, and flexible hydro printing kit, water printing kit related products such as ski goggles, EVA shoes, electric switches, rifle scope, firearm, crossbows, dog leashes, home appliances, car panels, and steering wheels are all in the scope of WTP process.

With the expansion of the YHT Facility in Taiwan, and with the purchase of new top of the line printing equipment, YHT is committed to staying on the cutting edge of the water transfer printing process. YHT is leading the way with short new pattern development time and quick lead time to turn around on film printing orders. Offering total solution service to qualify customer demands from pattern development, water transfer film, equipment, technical support, to after sales service. YHT still keeps perusing the leading way and meeting all requests with completed supports.


1990 Establish YHT & engage in 3D surface printing.

1993 Research & develop Water Transfer Printing process.

1995 Convert YHT to print water transfer printing films.

2005 Move to Chung-Kang Export Processing Zone & introduce JK-500Sautomated continuous flow Dipping Machine.

2006 JK-500S received CE mark approved.

2007 Received SGS test report:ink passed 1500hrs weathering test.

2010 Developing triangle conveyer for JK-500S.

2011 Install a new printing press & build new factory.

2015 YHT change LOGO, & Website 

2016 New Version continue flow dipping machine JK-350TT, develop new type fully automatic spray system.


ISO Certificate / UV Resistance / RoHS / Reach / CPSIA / Heavy Metal

YHT has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.
YHT films are qualified of UV Resistance, RoHS, Reach, CPSIA, and Heavy Metal Tests which are allcompleted and available for further information.