About YHT

Welcome to YHT! As a leading manufacturer established in 1990, we specialize in high-definition water transfer printing films and IMD films. With over three decades of experience, we take pride in supplying renowned global brands, solidifying our role as an essential player in the film printing and decoration industry. Beyond film printing, our expertise extends to crafting cutting-edge dipping and wash machines, providing a comprehensive product chain. WTP films ensure high-quality, long-lasting finishes, making it a top choice for diverse industries. With professional technology, YHT remains at the forefront of innovation.

In 2023, after a decade of dedicated research, YHT proudly incorporates In Mold Decoration (IMD). The importance of IMD in our future is immense, offering unlimited possibilities in decorating various surfaces with precision and durability. The advantages of our IMD films include deep texture, 2H hardness, stretchability, and compatibility with In Mold Electronics (IME). The deep texture provides a genuine tactile experience, surpassing market demands for 2H hardness, and its stretchability makes it suitable for several shapes. Compatibility with IME opens doors to future technological applications. These features give IMD film a unique edge in the decoration industry, injecting more innovation and value into products.

At YHT we offer a total solution. From pattern development to technical support and after-sales service, we're dedicated to meeting every customer's needs comprehensively. Join us in shaping the future of decoration with YHT.


1990 Establish YHT & engage in 3D surface printing.

1993 Research & develop Water Transfer Printing process.

1995 Convert YHT to print water transfer printing films.

2005 Move to Chung-Kang Export Processing Zone & introduce JK-500S automated continuous flow Dipping Machine.

2006 JK-500S received CE mark approved.

2007 Received SGS test report:ink passed 1500hrs weathering test.

2010 Developing triangle conveyer for JK-500S.

2011 Install a new printing press & build new factory.

2015 YHT change LOGO, & Website 

2018 New Version continue flow dipping machine JK-350TT, develop new type fully automatic spray system.

2023 In-Mold Decoration. Develop new IMD film technology. 


ISO Certificate / UV Resistance / RoHS / Reach / CPSIA / Heavy Metal

YHT has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.
YHT films are qualified of UV Resistance, RoHS, Reach, CPSIA, and Heavy Metal Tests which are allcompleted and available for further information.