All film comes in rolls, size include:
Width 50 cm X Length 600 meters
Width 60 cm X Length 500 meters
Width 100cm X Length 250 meters

Sometimes we have small stock film, please contact us for details.


After water transfer, the adhesion is temporary, and the necessary steps must be completed step by step to make the surface firm and durable.

The standard process for water transfer printing are:

After cleaning the object, spray the applicable primer- drying- cooling- water transfer- washing- drying- spraying- drying- cooling.

The follow the above steps to make the object pass the adhesion test. But there will be different requirements for the aviation, automotive, and hunting markets, and it is necessary to use more different topcoats to strengthen it.

Firmness and durability must be affected by the different weather in each country, and the topcoat will also affect the life of the object.


From by handmade to professional completely water transfer printing production line can be done water transfer printing.
For playing or very simple sampling, yes, a tank, and film + activator can make it.

However, in terms of stable production quantity and effectiveness, a complete water transfer production line is necessary.
The machines must include: 

Spray booth


Water transfer printing tank

Washing machine

The machines size are determined by the quantity required by the customer and the quality requirements.

For machine details you can visit below link Machine and Spare Parts

Here is the video for you to understand more of water transfer printing process.


Compared with other processes, it has great benefits, but whether it is economical or not depends on demand assessment.

The cost range is very huge different. Base on your demand, we will provide proposal for your reference.

From equipment quality selection would make cost different.

- Unit paint area

- Oven

- Water transfer printing tank, which tank size from 1 meter to 5-6 meters, and from  manual to automatic, depends on output request.

- Water Washing machine can be simple, or very professional, depends on output and quality request.

A control temp, and humidity area for keeping film and activator.

A clean area for doing water transfer printing in order to keep the object clean.

The consumables are Water transfer printing film, and activator.

Besides, the water treatment will also be a project that must be considered.


Water transfer printing also known as immersion printing, water transfer imaging, hydro dipping, hydrographic dip, water marbling, cubic printing or 3D printing. It's a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional surfaces.


The objects should be dried completely before doing dipping.


You should use the base coat color to match the desired film pattern.


If you had sprayed too less activator on the film during the dipping process, there will be air bubble created on the item surface after the transfer printing.


If you had sprayed too much activator on the film during the dipping process, the film ink (patterns) will come out from the item (slip from the item).