How to Hydro Dip Guns with Hydrographic Camo Films?

How to Hydro Dip Guns with Hydrographic Camo Films?


There is more than one way to coat guns. The most popular method is Hydro Dipping, which is a water-soluble film process. Because most shapes of hunting equipment and accessories are irregular, such as rifles rifle, shotguns, crossbow, spinning reel, revolver, handgun, firearm, pistols, etc. The Hydro Dipping Process with a feature of no curve limitation is the best surface decoration process. It includes 6 simple steps :

  1. The gun is cleaned and pretreated first.

  2. Apply base coat spray to the surface.

  3. Make the camouflage pattern film laid to float on the top of the water.

  4. Dip the gun and the pattern wraps around the surface of the gun.

  5. Remove the gun from the water.

  6. Lastly, apply a coat of finishing solution to the gun.

Compare to other solutions, cubic printing or hydro dipping for guns involves more water transfer printing equipment, time, and cost. However, hydro dipping can perform the best nature and creates a very professional looking and evenly distributed. It looks as if the gun was manufactured with the design from the very beginning.

Benefits to Have Your Own Camouflage Design

There’re options to choose licensed or existing Hydrographic Camouflage Films, but the licensed camo hydrographic film is expensive and the existing camouflage may not manifest the ideology of the product that the designer wants to have as a result. When the company has their own brand or collections, to have their own camouflage patterns add value to the products and they can be identified easily.

Hydro Dip Guns with Hydrographic Camo Films
Hydro Dip Guns with Hydrographic Camo Films

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