Water Transfer Printing Solution For Business

We are the leading water transfer printing film manufacturer, supply more than 1000 types of custom-designed hydro dipping films globally, and also provide hydro dipping machines and training courses to our customers.


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Water Transfer Printing Film Gallery

The water transfer printing colors your life creates REALITY. Prepare enter our film gallery to choose thousands of them. Thought image to make pattern achieve on the real objects.

Machines and Spare Parts

With our over 30 years water transfer printing experience, YHT design, and improve the water transfer printing machine to fit customer’s products. Easy operation, high efficiency.


Decoration is everywhere. The thinking unlimited imagination that makes the result over beyond imagination. No idea? Just check here, or conversation with us.


To know the decorate process, to know the future of us, we will show more on video to you.

WTP Electric Accessories Application


WTP Electric Accessories Application

WTP Daily Life Accessories Application


WTP Daily Life Accessories Application

ATV decoration - water transfer printing


ATV decoration - water transfer printing