When Small-Scale Production is Suitable for Hydro Dipping Business

When Small-Scale Production is Suitable for Hydro Dipping Business


Let’s say that you are a repair store, aviation business, automotive interiors business, or a furniture appliances company, and you are looking to decorate your products with our hydro dipping films (Keep in mind that we do not provide the decoration process but the films, proper machines, and know-how training). There are few situations in which you can consider ordering a small-scale film production run for Water Transfer Printing, utilizing our hydro dipping films.

In this article we would like to explain the circumstances where you can reach out to us for small production orders for your hydro dipping businesses and what considerations can lead to success in the industry.

Developing a new product

We understand that launching a new product directly into the market without proper testing can be risky. This is where the importance of developing and testing small film productions comes into play.

Once the client’s product is ready, it is time to generate ideas and concepts for films that will fit the client’s product. From these ideas, we select the most promising films that align with the client’s needs and have market potential.

After the film design is confirmed by the client, we proceed to create a prototype with the product. If there are flaws or the client is not satisfied with the result this is the phase where we can make the proper changes.

Rather than investing heavily in mass production right away, testing the market with a small production run can provide valuable insights and minimize financial risks. This approach allows our customers to gauge customer response, measure demand, and identify areas for improvement.

Water Transfer Printing Case scenario

If our client has a small quantity, let's say 10, 50 or 100 products to be tested in the market or that need fixing, we will provide with the necessary film quantity that the business needs to go into the testing phase. Once the testing phase is approved and the product is a success with the current decoration, we will proceed with the mass production of the film for the whole project.

Such cases include:

  • Aviation and automotive industry case

    There are cases in which few parts that have been already decorated need some fixing or repair. This normally requires film for just a few parts, in which we would check with inventory and provide the necessary water transfer film quantity.

    Aviation industry case - Hydro Dipping
    Aviation industry case - Hydro Dipping

    Automotive industry case - Hydro Dipping
    Automotive industry case - Hydro Dipping

  • Switch Light case

    A company already requested a wood pattern design from us for mass production, now they need a new original design for a few samples, in this case we will supply the necessary amount of hydrographic film for this specific project.

    Aviation industry case - Hydro Dipping Aviation industry case - Hydro Dipping

  • Other cases

If you are a company that has never done water transfer printing and you would like to do a test we can also assist. For some cases we might send you different pattern proposals depending on the type of product you want to decorate, in other cases we might make a sample for you to see the final result. Depending on the project we will help you out during the process to find the best solution for you.

Projects Case-by-Case

In the dynamic world of business-to-business (B2B) relationships, adopting a case-by-case project model has proved very effective for the Water Transfer Printing industry.

If you are a company that has different projects with different products, we will work with you project by project, looking for the best ways to maximize film production.

One of the primary advantages of the case-by-case project model is that we can provide customized solutions. The customers can analyze the specific requirements and objectives of each project and tailor their offerings accordingly.

By doing projects on a case-by-case basis, we have the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the client’s needs. These types of cases offer flexibility and adaptability. We focus on problem-solving, prompt decision-making and the ability to respond to market dynamics so that our clients can rely on us for other water transfer film decoration projects.

Lastly, by working closely with clients, we can better identify pain points, experiment with innovative solutions, and fine-tune their offerings based on real-time feedback.

Water Transfer Printing Case scenario

When working project by project there are few ways to proceed.

If you are a water transfer printing company or familiarized with the water transfer printing process, we would collaborate on a project by project basis, assisting you with everything from start to finish, not just water transfer printing films but also with machinery and professional knowledge.

If you are not a water transfer printing company but you are considering to use water transfer printing for many projects and long-term, there are two ways to approach:

  1. Purchase the required equipment for water transfer printing and do the process in-house. In this case we would provide information on the proper machinery, technology, know-how and hydrographic films. By purchasing the proper equipment for long term use, you would be saving money in the long run.

    Study case: A company needs 200 vehicle pieces per month decorated. The quantity itself is not large, but it is a continuous order. In this case it’s important to consider how much time each production process takes. Let’s say the client only has 10 days of production in a month, but each production takes 7-8 hours, then the specifications of the water transfer printing machine must be considered, for example: does the machine need an automatic pulling rods, or automatic spraying?. We will recommend the type of machinery the client needs to accomplish the production timeline and have the best possible outcome.

    Take a look at the Water Transfer Printing Machines clients can choose according to their production timeline, product size, quantity and material.

  2. Consider outsourcing. A hydro dipping company will do the decoration process for you. In this case we would assist you to find such a company and provide any pattern design suitable for your products if needed.

No matter which way you want to proceed with your project, we would make the adequate proposal for your project.

Personal use

For small MOQ, at this moment we do not take any “personal use” projects, such as film for decorating your own vehicle or accessories. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to reach out to us with your inquiries and we will help you and guide you.

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