How to Hydro Dip Guns with Hydrographic Camo Films?


There is more than one way to coat guns. The most popular method is Hydro Dipping, which is a water-soluble film process. Because most shapes of hunting equipment and accessories are irregular, such as rifles rifle, shotguns, crossbow, spinning reel, revolver, handgun, firearm, pistols, etc.

Materials for Hydro Dipping | What Can and What Cannot?


Basically, you can use any material that can withstand being submerged in water for hydrographic designs. These materials may be metal, plastic, wood, glass, ceramics, fiberglass and various other materials.

Must-Know Tips for Cubic Printing


Cubic Printing is one of the new 3D Printing Surface Decoration Technologies. The Cubic Printing Film makes it possible to express 3D designs, creating realistic camo, wood or any desired patterns with depth and texture.

Camo Films - 3 Most Common Hydro Dip Gun Patterns


Camo are widely used in different industries, especially for guns such as rifles, shotguns and pistols in the hunting industry. Camo Patterns breaks up the hunter’s outline and blends nature settings. In any hunting season or situation, it is an excellent choice for gun decoration.

Beginner’s Guide to Hydrographic Water Transfer Printing


Water Transfer Printing, known as Hydrographics, Immersion Printing, or 3D Cubic Printing is a technology that decorates 3D-shape parts with exceptional color and appearance.