All Things You Need to Know About Camo Hydrographic Films


One of the biggest and the most important patterns of Water Transfer Printing is Camouflage. Camo Hydrographic Film can be used on different industries, not only in the hunting industry, it can also be applied to related products, such as sun glasses, ear defender, shoes, and other accessories, even for industries that are not related to hunting industry.

3 Basic Guides to “Water Transfer Printing - Hydrographics”- Process, Equipment and Design


Water Transfer Printing, known as Hydrographics, Immersion Printing, or 3D Cubic Printing is an option more excellent than traditional printing methods which leads our life to a different level of standard. Water Transfer Printing makes 3D-shaped product decoration not only possible but also easily accessible, and it is an easy way of decorating craft but with the ever-changing possibilities in life.