All Things You Need to Know About Camo Hydrographic Films

Camo Hydrographic Films from YHT

One of the biggest and the most important patterns of Water Transfer Printing is Camouflage.Camo Hydrographic Film can be used on different industries, not only in the hunting industry, it can also be applied to related products, such as sun glasses, ear defender, shoes, and other accessories, even for industries that are not related to hunting industry.

The Best Surface Decoration Process for Hunting Equipment and Accessories - Camo Water Transfer Printing

Because most shapes of hunting equipment and accessories are irregular, such as rifle, shotguns, crossbow, spinning reel, etc. Camo Hydro Dipping Process with no curve limitation is the best surface decoration process.

What are the Most Popular Camouflage Hydro Dip Patterns on the Market?

There are different designs of camouflage Hydrographic Films on the market, they can be classified into the following categories:

  • Realistic Camouflage

  • Military / Digital camouflage

  • Camouflage

  • Designing Camouflagee

All these categories have their fans. In addition to the aesthetic design on the surface, it is possible to apply completely innovative and creative effects that appeal to the eye. Some are famous for brands, some are for the trend, and some others are because they allied with other brands.

The well-known brands of Camouflages Hydrographic Films include Multicam, Kryptek, Muddy Girl, Break Up Country, Bottomland, Elements Terra, KUIU, Next Camo, etc. These patterns are now widely used for famous outdoor accessories and equipment.

Camo Hydrographic Films Making Your Product Unique - From Concept to Production

The products from each company are different, some of the companies are already with talented designers who have the vision or ideas about the final product presentation, they can turn ideas to new products through the Camo Hydrographics Process from YHT.

As a global market leader in Camo Hydro Dip Films, YHT develops and produces decorative and creative Camo finishes for various outdoor equipment and accessories. YTH owns its leading position to a keen sense for trends, constant contact with designers and industry experts around the world. The OEM service makes your imagination come true and your brands or products succeed.

What’s the Key Advantage to Have Your Own Camouflage Design?

There’re options to choose licensed or existing Hydrographic Camouflage Films, but the licensed camo hydrographic film is expensive and the existing camouflage may not manifest the ideology of the product that the designer wants to have as a result. When the company has their own brand or collections, to have their own camouflage patterns add value to the products and they can be identified easily.

Work with Experienced Camo Film Manufacturer

With the Camo Hydro Dipping process, you will not only benefit from top-quality designs but also cost advantages from an experienced film manufacturer. As a professional manufacturer of water transfer printing film’s supplier, YHT has worked with many brands worldwide and we can implement special requirements, always with a focus on cost-efficiency, production-reliability and premium-quality.