5M Conveyor Type Water Washing Station (with heater)

5M Conveyor Type Water Washing Station (with heater)
With 360° water washing by high performance nozzle surrounded, all of residue of films and activator will completely washed away with perfect decoration remained.
High daily working output with conveyor speed adjustment and 100% water circulation are all very efficient for your production.

Model : JK-280T

Item Specification Note
Dimension 500 x 173 x 200 cm (L x W x H)
Material Stainless Steel 304
Input Dimension Maximum 100cm wide
Transmission Conveyor Type
Conveyor Motor 1 HP
Water Circulation Equipped
Pump 3 HP x 2 pcs
Water Usage 1730 Liters
Water Tank 2 Tanks
Heater 7.5 kw x 2 pcs
Power Consumption 20.25 kw
Machine Weight 950 kg