Machines and spare parts

A2 Production Arm – Aluminum extrusion

A2 is with the strengthen material it improves the stability when transfer print heavy or large objects

1M Semi-Auto Dipping Machine with Production Arm & Auto Spray System

YHT-221AX is 1 meter standard dipping machine with production arm which can dip various shapes of parts both manually or use production arm. Also temperature controlled tank meet the small volume requirement. High durability of tank structure with heavy loading production arm and water circulation by dual filters system are the best working tool for your Water Transfer Printing business. Auto Spray System spray the even activator amount per time. Different kinds of size and types are available Auto Spray System even activator amount per time. Different kinds of size and types are available A2 Production Arm – Aluminum extrusion 

Finishing Assessories & Parts

YHT Manual Spraying Gun  High efficiency spray gun, completely atomizes activator when spraying.  Suggest it is used for spraying base coats, clear coats, and activator. Consistent spraying and atomization will provide you excellent result. Cooperate with: - Spraying Booth for base coat and top coat - Dipping machine for activator  ** SEE ALL YHT DIPPING MACHINE SERIES

2.7M Conveyor Type Water Washing Station

With 360∘water washing by high performance nozzle surrounded, all of residue of films and activator will completely washed away with perfect decoration remained. High daily working output with conveyor speed adjustment and 100% water circulation are all very efficient for your production. Option: With heater